Hunt, Laura » Welcome to 5th Grade Math and Science!

Welcome to 5th Grade Math and Science!

Welcome to Fifth Grade!  I am so thrilled to be joining the Gatesville Intermediate community and for the opportunity to work with your child this year!  My husband, Paul and I have relocated to Gatesville from Leander, TX, where I served as a science curriculum specialist. Before taking on the role of supporting district-wide science instruction, I served as a classroom teacher for many years.  I have been an educator for 22 years and I am eager to take on the role of fifth grade math and science teacher in Gatesville! I can’t wait to begin getting to know each of my students and their families!

My beliefs as your child’s math and science teacher:

  • Everyone can learn at high levels!
  • Mistakes are valuable!  (Brain research actually tells us that mistakes cause our brain to spark and grow.)
  • Questions are important!  (The day you stop asking questions is the day you stop growing!)
  • Math and science are about making sense and making connections!
  • Deep understanding is more important than speed!  
  • Math and science are about learning, not performing!
  • Everyone is valuable and has much to contribute!

It is my goal to engage every student in math and science inquiry in a way that leaves them eager to learn more each day and prepares them for the challenges and opportunities of the future.  Together, we will explore, investigate, collaborate, and communicate to make sense of the math and science!

I am looking forward to a great year together!