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Social Studies Words to Know Week 1

 Here are our Words to Know for Week 1 Social Studies
explorer–someone who travels in order to gain geographical or scientific information
New World– Western hemisphere, including North and South America
Age of Discovery– a period of time from the 15th to 17th century in which Europeans explored and mapped the world
  Christianity– the religion based on the life and teachings  of Jesus Christ
colony– a group of people who settle far from home and maintain ties with their home country
colonize– to establish a colony
cartographer– mapmaker
John Cabot– Italian explorer sponsored by England who explored Canada
Hernan Cortes– Spanish explorer who conquered the Aztecs
Ponce de Leon– Spanish explorer who searched for the “fountain of youth” and discovered Florida
Jacques Cartier– French explorer who discovered Newfoundland
Pedro Menendez de Aviles– St. Augustine founder
St. Augustine– oldest permanently settled city in United States
Henry Hudson– claimed land for Holland
Aztec– people conquered by Cortes
conquer– to defeat in combat
Theme Words
• exploration
• colonize
• New World
• Age of Discovery