Mrs. Zoeller's Class

I hope everyone had a wonderful Spring Break and that everyone is healthy!  Since we are not in school this week, I hope that you can enjoy your time with family and stay well.  
While your child is at home, have them take some time to readRead for enjoyment!  Read for learning!  Read aloud to someone!  
Check the Links tab for websites for reading.   I will also put some ideas in google classroom for the students to stay active in their reading.   Here are some ideas of activities students can do with their reading:
*Create a triorama depicting the beginning, middle, and end of the story.
*Discuss your opinion of the text with someone.
*Read an informational text and research the answers to questions you might have after reading the text.
*Pretend you are a character/person in the story.  Write a journal entry describing how they are feeling.
*Draw a map of important places listed in the text.
*Pretend you are a news reporter, give a report of one exciting event from the story.
*Illustrate a scene from the text.
*Discuss why the author might have written the text with someone.
*Create a new book cover for the book.
*Identify the theme of the book and illustrate it.
*Read a fiction text and create an alternate ending for the story.
*"Find a phone" - imagine you found a phone from one of the book characters.  What would the wallpaper look like?  What messages would be on the phone?  What music playlist would they have?
Join Remind!  Use class code:  gf67fac
These are suggested activities for students to stay active.  These are not graded assignments.