Class Information

May 9 & 10, STAAR dates for math and reading

School Phone = 254-865-2526
Conference Period = Daily, 1:00-1:45

Class Schedule:

7:55-9:40= Math 
9:40-10:45 = Science
10:45-11:15 = Recess
11:15-11:45 = Lunch
11:50-12:55 = ELAR
1:00-1:45 = PE/Stem Lab, Fine Arts, Math Lab Rotations
            (this is my conference period)
1:50-2:55 = ELAR
2:55-3:25 = History
3:25-3:35 = Planners, Read Aloud (again, if time permits)
3:35 = Dismissal

*Subject times may vary from these throughout the year based on activities we are doing in the room, student needs, and partnering with another class for a team teach project.


For Rotation/PE:

We will refer to the schedule as A Day & B Day.  Every time our rotation is B Day, students will need to wear or bring tennis shoes as it is PE.

A Day: Stem Lab, Fine Arts, Math Lab (these will circle back every sixth day)
B Day: PE (every other day – must have tennis shoes)