Parents » Gatesville Intermediate Title I Parent-School Compact for 2019-2020

Gatesville Intermediate Title I Parent-School Compact for 2019-2020

The purpose of the parent-school compact is to communicate a common understanding of home and school responsibilities to assure that every student attains high standards and a quality education.
The Parents’ Responsibilities
● To provide support for my son/daughter by ensuring that he/she attend school daily and arrives to school on time.
● To confer with teachers, principals, and other school district personnel to obtain information about my son/daughter’s progress in school.
● To participate in Meet the Teacher, Open House, attend parent conferences, and visit classrooms at my son/daughter’s school to discuss his/her progress and to provide support for him/her.
● To participate in parent group activities in order to contribute to the school’s decision making process.
● To encourage my son/daughter to dress appropriately for the school environment following the district’s dress code policy.
● To communicate positive information regarding the teachers, staff, and administrators when discussing school related matters with my son/daughter.
The School’s Responsibilities
● To communicate the school’s mission, goals, instructional thrusts, and district initiatives to parents at school-wide meetings and at parent conferences.
● To provide opportunities for parent input regarding the educational climate in the campus and district goals.
● To provide parents with a schedule of school events.
● To provide information to parents regarding the district’s dress code and other policies and procedures which govern student behavior.
● To provide translations and interpreters for parents who have limited English capabilities.
● To foster good will between the community and the school by allowing the use of the school building after the regular school day for planning school events and disseminating information.
● To provide parents with timely information regarding student attendance, academic testing, and school activities by utilizing the school website, parent portal, and planners.
● To inform parents of the individual achievement levels and conduct of their sons/daughters through regular progress reports, report cards, phone calls, and emails.
● To provide tutoring during the day and/or after school to provide remedial and accelerated instruction for our students.
● To provide parents with information on study habits, testing strategies and opportunities (STAAR), and student needs.

A copy of this parent-school compact, with signatures, needs to be returned to your child's teacher. Click on PDF below for printable form.