It is hard to believe we are already in the second quarter of our school year.  The time has certainly flown. In reading this quarter, we will continue our efforts to improve fluency, accuracy, and comprehension.  To do so, students will participate each week in small group guided reading lessons that target their needs.  Phonics and word studies include spelling patterns, affixes, homophones, multiple meaning words, etc. 
     Each day students participate in writer's workshop.  I have seen such growth and creativity already this year.  Students are given the choice to write about the things that interest them most.  Some students lean towards nonfiction to share what they know about famous people, animals, or events in history.  Others are more on the creative side and enjoy writing fictional pieces or personal narratives.  Because they are given a choice of topic, students look forward to this part of the day.
     In fourth grade social studies we have learned about map skills as well as Primary and Secondary sources.  As a result, we studied the Bill of Rights, The Constitution, and The Declaration of Independence.  Our Primary focus this year is to study this great state we call Texas and the people who settled here and/or helped to frame it.
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