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PASS & Behavior Intervention

What is PASS? 


The Gatesville Independent School District Positive Approach to Student Success (PASS) program is a district-wide behavioral management system that is designed for students with severe behavioral issues that are negatively impacting their academic progress. The purpose of PASS is to provide supports and services that meet the social and emotional needs of students in the least restrictive environment. PASS is not a punitive approach to correcting inappropriate behavior. It is designed to teach students appropriate replacement behaviors for the maladaptive behavior(s) that interfere with their education. The students targeted for these services receive their academic instruction in the general education setting. 

Below are some Helpful links regarding the PASS Program. If you think your child may need behavior intervention, please contact your child's teacher or Brad Obenhaus, PASS Specialist at 254-865-2526 ext. 4841.