School Pictures + Heather Hitt Photography

Picture retakes and makeups were taken 11.5. It may be a week or two before the images are available.
Students were given cards with their access codes - use the link provided to input the code. Some cards were printed with contact information, and others are handwritten.
If you need the codes again, please email or call Heather Hitt Photography at (254) 216-0447. Please contact us if you have any questions.
School Portrait Update:

First of all, we want to thank all of you for being so welcoming when it was announced that Hitt Photography would be handling Gatesville ISD's photography needs for this school year. We had a great start to our year.....until Covid hit our house. Hard. And we're still trying to catch up.

So, we wanted to give an update on the status of the school portraits that were ordered with paper forms on picture day. Those are still being processed and ordered, but will not be back before Thanksgiving. Our normal photography lab turnaround has gone from 4-5 days to a 10-13 day turnaround plus shipping. And yes, we are still out there taking sports, school retakes, banners, etc. while trying to catch up. We are so appreciative of everyone's patience.

In the spring, we will not have paper order forms. All ordering will be completed online. If a parent/guardian wants to order and doesn't have a computer or a credit card, etc., they are welcome to make an appointment with us to order at the studio. We are a local business and want to help make your photographic experience better in any way we can.