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Hello students and parents,
Welcome back to another school year!
I hope each of you had a terrific summer. I am looking forward to working with you and your child this year.
I know that this year will be a great one, filled with a wide variety of learning experiences for your child.
My particular style of teaching is based on three things: setting high expectations for EVERY student, showing respect for all students and expecting respect in return, and last, but certainly not least, parental involvement. It is my belief that when parents and teachers work together a student can accomplish anything. Because you are an integral part of your child's education, I feel home -school communication is vital importance.
This year we will be implementing The PASS program throughout our district.
The PASS Program: A Positive Approach to Student Success
PASS (Positive Approach to Student Success) provides behavior education services to students with
emotional and behavioral issues. The primary setting in which these services are provided is the
mainstream classroom. PASS is founded on the belief that youth benefit behaviorally from educational
experiences with their appropriately behaved peers and academically from participation in the general curriculum.
With the ongoing support of a PASS specialist, each student in PASS learns, practices, and implements individualized strategies that address targeted behaviors of concern.
PASS is a collaborative effort by all key stakeholders in a student’s school life. Parents, administrators, the PASS specialist, mainstream teachers, and others partner in their efforts to effectively support behavior change.
Thank you in advance for your support. By working together we can make this a wonderful year for all of us.
"The expert in anything was once a beginner" (anonymous)