The results are in and we rated 8.68 of 10 when averaging all eight categories. Fine Arts was 8.50 and included indicators on choir/band/music/art/class productions and contests. Wellness and Physical education received a whopping 9.07 due to PE being offered daily to all kids, our fantastic 6th grade winning $15.000.00 in a wellness demo video, walking for cancer, daily recess, our yearly field day, and a great summer safety program.. These were LIKES!!!! Community and Parental Involvement was 8.69 and included our VIP efforts and our community support of Food for Families and Pennies for Patients We also had hat days to support kids in our school, with one devastated fire victim family receiving $1000.00 plus dollars to rebuild their lives..21st Century Workforce Development was 8.31 with big LIKES to summer safety day, career day, and military demo day. 2nd Language Acquisition was at 8.43% like which included a newly revamped and recharged English Language Learner program. Digital Learning Environment was well received at 8.80 which included modules in tech class on computer safety, student productions using power point, the ladybug classroom tech, and the publishing for ELAR in those classes. Our students also greatly benefit from distance learning and the many technology venues we provide for tutorials. Dropout Prevention was rated 8.87. We have an automatic calling system to determine why kids are not present and a welcoming and friendly environment that encourages kids to be here. GT was great at 8.74 largely because of the exciting opportunities provided in our GT classroom including on-sight learning and hands-on learning. The chess club was amazing. WAY TO GO INTERMEDIATE!!!!! PRELIMINARY STAAR data reveals that our 5th grade math students are 5th best in GISD with 85% passing and Grade 6 math was in sixth place in the district and exceeded the state average. Grade 5 reading was seventh in the district.. For the 2014-15 school year teachers in all core classes have set as their motto The PROCESS OF PROGRESS for all and have set passing goals at 80% with an increase to 90% in 2016.